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Who is C&A Marketing? That depends on who you ask.

With our exclusive long-term licensing agreement, some people will say we’re the manufacturer, distributor and marketer of Polaroid’s iconic Instant cameras, Action and IP Security cameras, as well as brand photography equipment and camera accessories.

Because we’re the name behind Ritz Camera & Image, Inkley’s and Wolf Camera retail stores, as well as RitzCamera.com and RitzPix.com, some people will say we’re the leading retailer of high-quality photography, imaging, video and audio equipment.

And because we have our own private brands Ivation, LyxPro, SkyMall, Lil’ Jumbl, Jumbl, Arf Pets, BriaLou, RitzGear and LiveFine that manufacture and distribute a wide variety of consumer products, some people will even say that we’re a mini-online department store.

So who is C&A Marketing? Actually, all of the above.

Since our inception in 2003, C&A Marketing has built a strong and reliable global network of suppliers and an extensive and diverse inventory of products – from high-end photography equipment and accessories to professional audio equipment, jewelry, baby and pet products to kitchen gadgets and everything in-between.

With corporate headquarters in New Jersey and satellite offices in London and China, C&A Marketing has the capability to engage in the design, manufacturing and distribution of thousands of products all over the world.

Using third party platforms such as Amazon and Ebay as part of a focused sales strategy, we’re able to give consumers access to over 50,000 products right from their computer or smart device everyday. This inventory continues to grow and diversify.

With unprecedented growth, a clear vision, expansion into several product categories, and offices around the world, C&A Marketing is poised to be the next worldwide leader in innovative products and services.

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