Dear Valued Calumet Customer:

C&A Marketing Inc., has recently acquired most of Calumet Photo’s US-based assets.
In the coming weeks, we will reactivate all of Calumet’s on-line properties and reopen the rental business. We are aware some customers were unable to return rental equipment.  In reopening Calumet, the stores will accept all rental returns without penalties.
We want to assure all Calumet customers of our commitment to provide you with excellent service during this transition.  Thank You.

Most Frequently Asked Questions:
Will you reopen the Calumet stores?

Will the stores carry the same Calumet inventory of products and services?

I rented equipment and can’t return it; what do I do now?
What about repairs, etc. that I have in the store?
How can I contact customer service and where can I obtain more information?

Thank You.